Department of Economy

Department of Economy

Head of  Department

Radenko Drašković

Contact phone: 059/273-472

E-mail: and

Department of Economy performs the following activities:

  • Cooperates with the competent state authority , organizations and institutions, as well as scientific and other professional organizations and institutions, within its authorization,
  • Participates in defining, preparation and implementation of the City development plans,
  • Prepares data,  information and analysis of business enterprises in the field of economy,
  • Prepares analysis, information and reports in the field of economics- entrepreneurship, industry, tourism,  catering , trade, transportation and communication, agriculture, forestry, water management,
  • Participates in activities related to creating conditions for tourism, trade , catering and crafts  development and improvement,
  • Issues approval for performing activities and  work of independent entrepreneurs,
  • Coordinates and monitors activities of  organizations and institutions established by the city, in accordance with Department authority,
  • Prepares and processes materials for the Mayor and the City Assembly,
  • Drafts work programme and makes reports on the Department’s activities.

BFC:  Monitoring the Dynamics of the Local Labour Market and Active Relation to the Determined State and Needs

(Criterion 8.1)


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