Department of Finance

Miro Gredo, acting manager

Acting-head of the Department of Finance

Contact phone:
tel. 059 /271 071, 273 460, 273 470

Section for Budgeting

Within the Department of Finance the following work is executed:

  • Making preliminary drafts,drafts and budget proposals of the municipality, the control of the proper use of funds;
  • Making finnal accounts and other accounts related to the budget account;
  • Monitoring of revenues and executing expenditures of the municipality’s budget and regular reporting;
  • Control of regularity and legality of budget funds use;
  • Financial ,material and accounting operations of Administrative service and budget users ;
  • Gathering,evidenting,processing and keeping account of data on financial material operation of Administrative service;
  • Keeping track of execution of  financial plans of the Municipal service;
  • Harmonization of accounting state with the real state(basic funds,inventory and material);
  • Calculation of pages,benefits and payroll taxes;
  • Calculation of depriciation and revaluation  of basic funds;
  • Treasury operations;
  • Making work programs and sectnion reports;
  • Preparing information for the City Assembly and reports for the Ministry of Finance RS;
  • Work coordination with the authorized state authorities and institutions;
  • Other works from financial sections