Department of General Administration

Head of Department:
Nenad Milićević

Address: 2 Vuk Karadžić St , 89101 Trebinje
Tel:  +387 /0/ 59 27 34 64
Fax: +387 /0/ 59 27 34 64

Within the Department of General Administration, there are following sections:

  • Section of Administrative Affairs
  • Section of Common Services
  • Section of Civil Defence
  • Section – Centre of Citizen Services

Within the Department of General Administration the following activities are performed:

  • Providing enforcement of law and other regulations, as well as regulations of the Municipal Assembly and the Mayor of the Municipality related to the general administration field.
  • Organizing the Centre of Citizen Services’ activities , providing conditions for better communication with citizens and meeting their needs
  • Conducting first-instance administrative proceedings at the citizens’ request for subsequent registration in the registry of births, marriages, deaths, citizenship, corrections in the registry of births etc.
  • Providing legal assistance to citizens
  • Receiving, opening, checking, arranging, classifying and recording acts which are performed within the Office Management, administrative and technical acts processing, dispatching mail, directing acts and their archiving and storage.
  • Arranging and maintaining registries of births, citizenship evidences, corrections in the registry of births, organizing and performing weddings etc.
  • Signature verification, as well as verification of  manuscript and transcript acts and other documents
  • Issuing employment booklets and keeping records of the same, issuing certificates of life as well as other certificates related to data on which the authorities keep records.
  • Keep personal records of officers and other employees in the Administrative service.
  • Human Resources Management matters
  • Planning, organization and performing civil defence activities
  • Joint activities for all local government  organizational units related to public procurement, maintenance of cleanliness in working premises, various repairs, functioning of devices and equipment for work, maintenance and telephone exchange work, physical security ,parties reception, maintenance and use of official vehicles and similar activities.
  • Providing work premises and funds for the local communitiies’ work, work coordination with local communities’ councils on previous questions, organizing citizens’ meetings and sessions of community councils, performing administrative and technical activities for local communities’ councils and similar activities.