Department of Housing and Public Utility Affairs

Bojan Čvoro, acting manager

Address: 2 Vuk Karadžić St. , 89101 Trebinje
Tel:  +387 /0/ 59 27 33 65
Fax: +387 /0/ 59 27 33 65

This Department is encompasses the following activites:

  • performs registration of community of condominum owners, including consulting and assistance in drafting Articles of incorporation of the community,
  • defines rules of maintaing order in buildings,
  • defines a rent amount for the use of flats managed by the city, as well as amount for public housing in their area under the terms and conditions prescribed by the law  governing their use
  • provides eviction proceedings of illegall tenants in public housing and common premises in the buildings and performs other statutory tasks in the field of housing
  • provides maintenance of the streets and squares, local, rural and other uncategorized roads, regulates and ensures management of these roads and streets,
  • provides implementation of the preventive and other measures and activities in the field of traffic safety,
  • provides utility activities, maintenance of municipal facilities and municipal infrastructure,
  • provides supervision of utility activities,
  • defines the conditions of cemeteries maintenance, methods and conditions of burials, as well as the ways of  organizing  these activities,
  • drafts programmes, makes reports, provides information on joint utility consumption,
  • makes decision on utility fee,
  • performs works related to the occupation of public land
  • performs hygiene service works
  • works on environmental protection (issuing environmental permits, marking environmental dates, proposing planning documents in the field of environmental protection, providing preservation of natural resources in their area and proposing the act of the protected area proclamation…)