Department of Inspection and Municipal Police Affairs

Acting-head of the Departmentof Inspection and Municipal Police Affairs:
Đorđe Miljanović, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (B.Sc.C.E)

Address: 2 Vuk Karadžić St. , 89101 Trebinje
Tel:  +387 /0/ 59 27 33 61
Fax: +387 /0/ 59 27 33 61

The following sections exist within this department:

  • Section of Inspection Affairs
  • Section of Municipal Police Affairs

Section of Inspection Affairs consist of nine inspections, as follows:

  • Food Inspection
  • Market Inspection
  • Agricultural Inspection
  • Veterinary Inspection
  • Traffic Inspection
  • Urban and construction Inspection
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Health Inspection
  • Labor Inspection


Within the Section of Inspection Affairs ,inspection tasks in the field of trade goods  and services, agriculture, herbs protection and freshwater fishing, animal health care and veterinary activities, transport, spatial planning and construction, envirionmental protection, human health protection, sanitary protection and labor relations are performed.

This Section is also dealing with the following:

  • Conducting the administrative procedure, adoption of decisions and conclusions, issuing misdemeanor warrants, pressing of criminal charges and requests to initiate criminal proceedings;
  • Preparation and processing of materials for the City Assembly and the Mayor

Section of Municipal Police Affairs consists of : the Chief of the Section and five municipal police officers.


Section of Municipal Police Affairs performs tasks related to communal inspection over the application  of the law and other regulations in the field of utility and other activities stipulated by the Law on Communal Police.

The competencies of the Section are:

  • Conducting the administrative procedure, preparation of decisions,taking prescribed measures in accordance with the law and other general acts
  • Preparation of reports and information for the Mayor and the City Assembly
  • Administrative and technical tasks and other.

In addition to regular working hours Section of Municipal Police Affairs organizes the work in two shifts, as well as work on Saturdays.


Tel: +387 (0) 59 273-366, E-mail: