Department of War Veterans and Disabled Peopleˈs Protection

Petar Vlatković, Head of the Department

Address: 2 Vuk Karadžić St. , 89101 Trebinje
Tel:  +387 /0/ 59 27 33 67
Fax: +387 /0/ 59 27 33 67

This Department is dealing with the following activities within its scope of work:

  • implementing administrative first instance procedures and issuing decisions on matters of personal and family disability allowances, categorization of veterans, their rights, war and victims of work,
  • exercising the right to health care and spa and climatic treatment and rehabilitation and other benefits based on the war veteran and disabled people’s protection,
  • activities related to work of the first instance medical commission in determining disability of  disabled war veterans and civil war victims,
  • solving housing problems of war veterans, disabled people, families of the fallen soldiers and victims of war in cooperation with a competent Ministry,
  • executing and providing conditions for the execution of Law and other regulations and general acts of the Municipal Assembly and the Mayor related to the field of war veterans and disabled people’s protection, disabled war veteran and families of the fallen soldiers and civil war victims protection,
  • keeping records of families of the fallen soldiers and disabled people, their rights and realization of their rights which they exercised under the Law and other by-laws,
  • handling complaints issued against first instance decisions and addresses them to the second instance body to be resolved,
  • keeping records of all war participants’ categories allowances who exercised their right to them under the Law and other general acts,
  • keeping accounts of allowances and purposes of received funds with entitlements of the fallen soldiers families, disabled veteran and other soldiers who exercised such rights,
  • keeping records of the fallen soldiers’ families and disabled people’s health care who have not exercised their right to health care on other grounds,
  • keeping records of health care users in the field of war veterans protection
  • developing agenda and reports on department’s activities,
  • coordinating work with other departments in the City administration,
  • developing and analyzing information and reports from the department’s scope of work,
  • coordinating work with competent state authorities, organizations and institutions
  • preparing and processing material for the Mayor and the City Assembly in the area of  war veteran and disabled people’s protection,
  • preparing decisions and other acts under department’s jurisdiction,
  • performing other tasks in areas defined by Law, general acts, and tasks entrusted by the Mayor