Why invest in Trebinje?

A precondition for foreign investments is a competitive business ambient, as well as providing information on the potentials for development of our city. Aiming to improve the economic ambient which would create conditions for faster development in economy, the local city administration provides financial and institutional support.

Credits, subsidies, services

• Loans for Employment Stimulation

City allows using loan funds in the amount of 30.000 BAM (for family agricultural  households) to 1.000 000 BAM  (for entrepreneurs and companies),with interest rate of 1,5%, repayment period of 7 to 10 years, grace period of 24 to 36 months and the possibility of re-access to credit line. Resources, collected by the Law on Fees for using natural resources for the purpose of electricity production (Of. Gazette of Republic of Srpska, number 85/ 03, 75/10 and 78/11- shown in electronic form), are given as loans for stimulating employment, on the basis of the Decision about criteria, procedure for allocation of loans and terms for using loans (OF. G. City of Trebinje, number 02/14-shown in electronic form) and Program for using funds realized which is closely coordinated with the consolidated Budget Proposal of City of Trebinje for 2014. (OF. G. City of Trebinje, number 01/14- as shown in an electronic form)

• Local Administration Services

The city of Trebinje has realized a great number of services through opening the following centres:

– Citizen Service Centre which provides a fast and efficient service where citizens, at one place, as soon as possible, can solve the request sent to the City Administrative Service. All guides through the City Administrative Service are here on disposal, as well as forms needed for the implementation of citizens’ rights. The Citizen Service Centre has a post office counter so, right on the spot, a citizen can make all necessary payments (taxes), related to solving the request and implementing rights.

– Centre for permission in the area of construction and entrepreneurship, with the goal of shortening the procedure of getting different kinds of permits for construction (deadline 30 days for complete and clean documentation) or registration of facilities (deadline 1-3 days for complete documentation)

– Inspection and services of the Communal Police

Business zone Volujac (area of 85 hectare) is a location for construction of economic capacities, determined by the „Zoning plan Volujac“ about 20 years ago. It is located 4 km from the city centre on the main road M20 – towards Dubrovnik, on the right – Substation 35/10 kB,  water infrastructure built (diameter of pipes 100 mm, capacity that does not need complex technological processes), canalization can not be connected to the city network, another solution must be found, access road to Volujac: 1 km  of the asphalted road, ownership of the land: 55% state and 45% private owners (expropriation possible). Currently,  five companies are located in the zone. Distance of the zone from the main road is 1 km, from the railroad 70 km, from the sea port 30 km, from the airport 45 km.

• Available business institutions:

1. Agency for Development of Small and Medium – sized Enterprises (SME)

Founded with the goal of creating conditions and providing support for the development of small and medium sized enterprises(SME) and their qualitative engagement in economic and financial flows (help with starting business), through the following activities:

– Stimulating foundation, management and development of micro, small and medium sized enterprises, giving help, advices and information, training and consulting services.

Agency should take the leading role in the development of service market for SME, to gain trust of clients by developing quality services.

Priorities in the Agency are as follows:

– Making and implementing of development projects

– Providing legal and consulting services to its clients

– Promotion of entrepreneurship on the territory of the City of Trebinje

– Organizing educational events for potential and existing entrepreneurs

2. Business incubator Trebinje

Founded with the goal to provide help to entrepreneurs, in a way that they are provided an adequate space at the very beginning of their business, that is a business space with a necessary infrastructure at favourable conditions.

Business Incubator (BI) is at service to all newly founded enterprises or private subjects which aim to start their own businesses. A criterion for admission is quality of business idea and entrepreneur who undertakes the realization of the idea. Incubator is located in the area of former casern and has 21 offices, total area has 570m2and a big conference room with complete auxiliary equipment needed for managing seminars, workshops and different kinds of gatherings with the capacity for 25 people.

Decision about criterion for acceptance in BI, Decision about terms of using BI and Rule Book about the method of calculation and charge of common costs in BI Trebinje, can be found in the electronic form.

Economic events and projects

1. „Herzegovina Days“– conference that lasts three days and once a year gathers everybody who loves Herzegovina and those who see the possibility for business activities and secure investing through different kinds of partnerships and individual investing in Herzegovina.

2. „Honey fest“– fair of honey and wine in Trebinje, held every year in August.

Third „International symposium of agronomists“-held over the last years in Trebinje. In 2013. the symposium brought together around 15 countries all over the world.

Besides economic events, some business people from this area take part in many international fairs and manifestations where they win significant recognitions and awards.

3. Projects
The City of Trebinje is open for projects applied to European institutions and funds, so far Trebinje has participated and implemented a series of international projects and few projects are yet in progress. Some of them are:

1. Project of a cross-border cooperation with Niksic Municipality, under the name „Improving touristic and traffic signalization on the relation Trebinje-Nikšić“. The project Contract with the EU Delegation was signed in Sarajevo. Implementation period – 18 months.

2. „The development of international touristic corridor through the South Herzegovina and saving the environment“ which lasted from July 2012. until June 2015. and was implemented by the Government of Japan and Council of Ministers of BiH (Technical Committee, Subcommittee and Work Teams from Mostar and Trebinje).

The ultimate project goal was to crate an “International touristic corridor” in the region of South Herzegovina, as well as a sustainable mechanism for development of tourism through public-private partnerships.

Why invest in Trebinje

Position, climate and natural resources are basic development potentials of Trebinje.

Reasons for investing in Trebinje are many:

      • Favourable geographical position: border of three countries
      • Mediterranean climate – suitable for groining all kinds of Mediterranean cultures
      • Significant natural resources: hydro potential and sun energy (over 260 sunny days a year)
      • Unpolluted agricultural land (especially the possibility for producing organic food).The city area has three arable fields: Trebinjsko, Ljubomirsko and Popovo field.
      • Area especially suitable for production of honey, wine, tobacco and aromatic herbs. It is known by its high-quality herbs that are used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
      • Possibility of irrigation, arable areas over 90%
      • Rich touristic resources: luxurious and preserved nature, cultural and historical monuments, religious objects, traditional cultural events

One of development directions is investing in the area of education and science. The city has 4 elementary schools, 4 high schools and 3 faculties (Faculty for production and management, Faculty for tourism and hotel management and Academy of Fine Arts) with the purpose to develop into a University Centre. Also, there are two agencies for learning foreign languages in the city area.

It is a nice place for work and life: rich cultural heritage, many natural beauties, traditional food, rich cultural life, good traffic connectivity etc.