Secretary of the City of Trebinje

Address: 2 Vuk Karadžić St. , 89101 Trebinje
Tel:  +387 /0/ 59 26 04 41
Fax: +387 /0/ 59 26 04 02

Velibor Bodiroga


Velibor Bodiroga was born on 20.07.1978. in Trebinje. He completed the primary education in Trebinje in 1994. In 1997, he completed Gymnasium “Jovаn Dučić“ also in Trebinje. After the graduation from Gymnasium, he enrolled at the Faculty of Law in Podgorica from which he graduated in 2004 acquiring the academic title: Law graduate. After graduation, he volunteered for six months in NGO “Vaša prava” (transl. NGO “Your rights”) where he was engaged in the activities related to legal aid.

In 2005. he started working at the Municipality of Trebinje Administration. From 2007 he has been employed within the Department for Economy and Agriculture as an Independent Associate for General and Legal Affairs in the field of economy. He is married and a father to two children.

Secretary is authorized to:
  • Organize the work of Administrative and Professional Assembly Service
  • Assist the Chairman of the Assembly in session preparations and organization of the Assembly’s work and its working bodies
  • Take care of the fulfilment of rights and aldermen’s duties and provide conditions for work of aldermen clubs,
  • Accept  initiatives and proposals addressed to the Assembly and forward them to the competent authorities and services for further processing
  • Responsible for legal and technical processing of acts adopted by the Assembly
  • Responsible for timely disclosure of regulations and other acts adopted by the Assembly ,
  • Provide that questions of aldermen reach the competent authorities and services and that they receive answers,
  • Participate in the preparation of the Assembly’s agenda, prepare responses to lawsuits in disputes against the acts of the Assembly ,
  • Manage Administrative and Professional Service Assembly and  perform other duties required by Law, Statute, Rules and other Assembly acts