Section of Civil Defence of the City of Trebinje

Chief of section: Miljan Tomašević
Address: Sjeverni logor bb
Phone number: 059/225-476
Fax number: 059/225-476

The section of Civil Defence prepares programs of civil defence and takes appropriate measures in threatinenig situations.

Responsibilities of the Section are as follows:

-preparing and designing assessment of vulnerability of the population and material  goods from natural  and other disasters,
-organizing and implementing protection measures and saving population and material goods,
-organizing, equipping, teaching and training all municipality structures of the civil defence,
-making  elaborations and organizing field exercises of all civil defence units,
-elaboration of guidelines of Government of Republic of Srpska for methodology of making planned documents of civil defence ,
-cooperation with all subjects related to civil defence,
-keeping records on members of the civil defence and material-technical funds and their schedule
-organizing attendance in the Section of Civil Defence,
-organizing and serving Headquarter of Civil Defence.

Important phone numbers
Information Centre121
Police 122
Fire Department 123
Emergency 124


If you find or see abandoned unexploded ordnance -UXO (hand grenade, mines, grenades, explosive, explosive devices), mark them, do not touch them and call 121(Information Centre) or the closest police station, number-122.

The riported object will be removed by the competent persons from the Republic Civil Defence of Republic of Srpska.

Demining teams are equipped for all types of tasks in the demining process.

Providing First Aid – ADVICE IN CASE OF INJURY

Person providing first aid begins saving life by undertaking the following:

Emergency measures for saving lives
Calling the Emergency – 124
Providing first aid until the Emergency comes and intervenes

In cas of fire:

In case of fire, call the Fire Department -123 or Information Centre-121.The Fire Department and Information Centre are on duty 24 hours a day.

Fireman on duty receives alert about the fire and requires the following details:
– Exact address, or the place
– What is burning (what material is burning)?
– Are there any people in life danger?
–Your name and phone number?

Verification of stated data is mandatory.


The most common causes of fire in households are overloaded electrical installations and inattention, so the citizens are advised:

If you are leaving your apartment, do not leave electric stove, washing machine, water heater, heater, iron on, and if you will be absent for a longer period, pull out the electric devices from the electrical outlet.


When a car accident occures, the following should be done:

SAVING PEOPLE IN DANGER (from flamed car, car crash…).

Do not move the injured, unless it is necessary to remove him/her from the danger.
Provide emergency first aid – lower its face on the ground (put his head on a  jacket, blanket),turn him on a side, enable him to breathe properly, stop the bleeding and organize care for the injured,
If there are injured or dead persons in the accident notify the Police and Emergency
Secure the place of the accident for the purpose of preventing new car accidents , mark the place of the accident ,turn on the light signalization, startextinguishing the fire if needed.
Wait for the Police and Emergency on the spot (you may leave the place of the accident only to provide first aid or transport of injured people), when police and emergency come show them the injured, follow the instructions, and LET the professionals do their work.