Wine Cellars

Records of Herzegovinian wines are found in the middle Ages, and the first bottles were exported to Trieste and further to Europe in 1883. Many medals, awarded at the International Wine Exhibitions, prove the quality of our wine.

The most famous wines in Trebinje are:  žilavka, blatina и vranac.

As a new tourist itinerary, Herzegovinian Wine Road passes through Trebinje, along which  affiliated entities offer a home-produced traditional liqor called „rakija” , and other traditional specialities.

There is a strong tradition of home wine production in Trebinje, so there is a large number of small wineries in this area, but also there are those that satisfy the requirements of the international market.

  • Association  „Vinos“
  • Wine Cellar  „Аnđelić“
  • Wine Cellar  „Petijević“
  • Wine Cellar  „Sekulović“
  • Wine Cellar  „Vukoje“
  • Wine Cellar  „Popovac“
  • Wine Cellar  „Berak“