Mirko Curic

Born on February 17th, 1979 in Trebinje where he completed his primary and secondary school. He obtained Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 2004. As an intern, he started working at the Municipality of Trebinje, after which he spent most time working in civil defence affairs. He has passed the state exam for work in administrative bodies. He obtained Master’s degree at the Faculty of Economics in 2010. He is married and a father to three children.

Mayor is authorized

    • To propose the City Statute
    • To propose decisions and other general acts to the Assembly
    • To draft and submit an annual budget, annual balance sheet, economic plan, development plan, investment program, spatial and urban plan and other planning and regulatory documents related to land management, including the use of public land
    • To inform the Assembly on all matters within the authorization of the City, its rights and obligations
    • To implement local policy in accordance with the decisions of the Assembly, make local budget and ensure the implementation of decisions and other acts of the Assembly
    • To enforce the law and other regulations of the Republic whose execution is entrusted to the City
    • To make decision on the establishment of municipal administrative service
    • To establish the Regulations on organization and jobs systematization
    • To appoint and dismiss the city officers, assign them an appropriate job position in the City
    • Administrative Service, assign and decide on termination on employment of technical and assistant workers, as well as other employment rights These decisions are made by the Mayor of the City in accordance with Law and Collective agreement
    • To adopt plan of the City’s Civil defence and ensure its implementation, realize cooperation with other municipalities, cities, international and other organizations in accordance with decisions and conclusions of the City Assembly and its relevant working bodies
    • To approve statutes and other general acts of companies and institutions established by the City
    • To submit periodical reports on his work and work of the City Administrative Service to the City Assembly
    • To take initiative to suspend enforcement of a regulation of the Assembly until the decision of the competent court, general or individual act ,if considered to be contrary to the Constitution and law
    • To conclude contracts on behalf of the City, in accordance with the Assembly’s acts
    • To resolve in the second instance, on the appeal against the first instance decisions of the City
    • Administrative Service, unless the republican bodies are in charge
    • Responsible for legality of all acts proposed by the City Assembly
    • To make decisions on funds availability , in the manner established by the Statute and Budget
    • May establish permanent and temporary committees, councils and coordination bodies in various fields as advisory bodies
    • To perform other activities established by law, as well as activities entrusted by the City Assembly in accordance with law


“Кад би младост имала филозофију старца,
не би било на свету ни једног сунчаног дана.”

Јован Дучић